The Difference Between Ceramic Tile Vs Porcelain Tile


Arta Ceram, as an Iranian company holding many international certificates in the realm of tile industry, uses only porcelain tiles to produce third fired  lucrative tiles. It also uses high-quality Iranian ceramic tiles in order to present high-end products ranging from medium to high level prices. In this article, the tile experts working in Arta Ceram will make some distinctions between porcelain tile and ceramic tiles.  


  1. Benefits of Using Porcelain Floor Tile
  2. Benefits of Using Ceramic Tiles

In the experts’ opinion, those who work in Arta Ceram, the first glance, it’s tough to tell the difference between porcelain tiles and ceramic tiles. That’s because both of the products are very similar and they feel alike as well. They are both crafted from a similar process, but there are some very key differences that are important to realize about these tile flooring options. If you want to choose the best tile flooring options for your home, make sure

that you understand the latest tile trends and how porcelain and ceramic are different from one another.